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Chacahua Sunset Couple Date


  • 13:00 - 21:00 Hrs.


Are you ready to sweep your beloved partner of their feet! We have a beautiful experience that you will remember for a lifetime! Join us in exploring the majestic Mixtec waters of the lagoon, beautiful birds, and mystical stories that will blow you away!
This marvelous couples experience takes you to the most magnificent spots! Enjoy a comfortable ride in your own of private vehicle, boat, and sensational tour guide when you take this wondrous adventure!
You and your partner will be mesmerized by the beauty this trip offers. Go hiking and experience some breathtaking views, refresh yourselves as you swim in crystal clear waters and then gaze upon each other as you watch the sunset and reflect on what an amazing day you just had.
Your guide will capture your best moments through pictures and videos. So, be sure to book now and save a spot because we only do one couple a day!
Book now and save a spot because we only do one couple a day!


Tour Highlights


Travel policies

Mandatory use of face masks

Antibacterial gel and temperature measurement (Eco Adventures)







Tennis shoes


Safety Information

  1. We will provide you antibacterial gel
  2. All of our guides are experienced and multi-lingual
  3. Our transportation to and from the beach is insured