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Baby sea turtles release


  • 17:00 - 19:00 Hrs.


Help baby sea turtles reach the sea for the first time in their lives! Learn about their incubation process and the different types of sea turtles that exist in our world. In addition, be part of the release of a baby sea turtle into its natural habitat, and enjoy a spectacular sunset on a prestige virgin beach. A completely beautiful and memorable experience!


Tour Highlights

  1. Release Baby SeaTurtles
  2. Be part of aneco-friendly campaign
  3. Enjoy a spectacular sunset
  4. Comfortable air-conditioned units
  5. Bottled waters are included. (But please try to bring reusable bottle water if you can)
  6. Round trip transportation from tourist's lodging hotel


  1. Clientsare picked up at the hotel where they are staying (within Puerto Escondido).
  2. Destination beach, Palmarito Bajos de Chila.
  3. Review of the importance of the care and protection of sea turtles by certified personnel specialized in the subject.
  4. Release sea turtles in their natural habitat.
  5. Free time to watch the sunset.
  6. Return to the hotel where our clients are staying (within Puerto Escondido).

Travel policies

Mandatory use of face masks

Antibacterial gel and temperature measurement (Eco Adventures)





Safety Information

  1. We will walk you through turtle handling guidelines and provide antibacterial gel
  2. All of our guides are experienced and multi-lingual
  3. Our transportation to and from the beach is insured